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Database error resolved


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Sorry for the bit of downtime, a section of the database became corrupted but I have resolved this issue.  Durring non-peak hours tonight I will be also converting the forum over to a new version of SMF...... but of course I will wait till there are less users online so this impacts only a few people... but these days even during non peak hours a few peopleactually means a few thousand people :-P --- but I will try to work fast ;-)

Thanks for visting testmy.net and thanks for you patience and continued patronage of our growing community,

- Damon -- owner/admin

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hey, thanks for fixing it, but why is this happening all of a sudden, this used to happen a couple of weeks ago but before that i never seen this issue before.  Somebody is trying to hack you or something :x

Keep up the good work CA3LE

Not getting hacked or anything, just going through a little growing pains ;-) ... It took me a while to track down the error that was causing that to happen a while back.  When it came to that error it was a little difficult for me to resolve because I personally didn't see the problem (which sometimes happens in web development), so I was chasing an invisible little ghost of a problem... I knew it was actually happening because I got a lot of messages about it.  Finally I was able to recreate the problem so I eventually was able to correct it.  It was a headache :-P

But, no, Thankfully I haven't been hacked for about.... ohhhh.... two years or so now  (almost exactly two years last hack was through a phpBB exploit in mid December 2004, actually just about all successful hacks made to this site were through phpBB... that's why I no longer run it, lol).  Even now many hacking attempts are made (according to some of my logs) but nothing serious, just kids messing around.  My host actively watches both of my servers for suspicious stuff and has made phone calls to me a few times to let me know of some serious attempts that they were in the middle of heading off... but they have always taken care of the issues before they became serious :-D  ~ and of course took care of logging, tracing and reporting the offenders.

But when I did get hacked..... it was a nightmare and took a few days to recover.

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I can relate to the nightmare of phpBB getting hacked i ran into the same issues when i use to run phpBB. Seems there is a new extreme exploit for it every week. I then started using (Invision Power Board) for awhile then was introduced to SMF which to date is the best forum. (IMO)


I also had server logs of people trying, and doing exploits, but it's hard to do anything to them when they are using a hacked computer or behind a proxy chain of 10 or more proxies.  :angry5:

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