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Win98 is SLOWWW before config

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LoL, after a long needed reformatting of my old win98 system I hopped onto the internet to go download the latest drivers for all my hardware. The highest i could download at was like 60 KB/s compared to my normal 550. I did a download test and I actually got like 150 KB/s on that :D . Anyways, I just thought it was funny that it starts up with the background saying "Compaq Internet PC" when it isn't even configured for the internet very well! When i first booted up this new WinXP system I could download at like 800 KB/s right away with 0 configing. (I used to download a lot faster but now it died so i can only get 550 KB/s.)

I'll jsut tell you the hardware I gots in that OLD POS for some giggles :D .

Processor : AMD Athlon 500 Mhz

Video : 3dfx Voodoo 3 16 MB

RAM : 128 MB SDRAM @ 100 Mhz

CD/RW : I think the max recording speed is like ..... 4x lol! It used to take 45 minutes to burn a whole CD. I was one of the first people to get a CD burner and i thought i was pretty pimp. haha

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eh? Someone can run Windows XP with 128MB of ram if they wanted to. Granted it wouldn't be the fastest experience, but it would definitely run. It should run Windows 98 fine.

yea i installed XP on my bros pc a pentium 166 Mhz and 64 MB of ram, and it worked :lol:

But only for surfing and small applications hehe

VanBuren :)

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