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HUGE Problem


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I'm really frustrated at the moment. When I turn on my computer, the only things that will powere on are the heatsink, my blue led fan, and my cd drive. The cd drive won't even open. The whole computer itself is in a semi-sleep state. The bios won't boot up, the hard drives won't start, etc. I know for sure it's not a wattage problem, because I stripped my computer of everything but the standards. I'm hoping my motherboard didn't fry. Any suggestions?

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Perhaps it is your power supply? It should be outputting +12vdc and -12vdc, and +5vdc and -5vdc. I have experienced similar problems from PS that just fried with no warning. (Especially the newer types with no transformers).

If it's your motherboard, it would take a tech to test it accurately. At the very least the BIOS SHOULD be getting "juice" ...how do you know it isn't or that it isn't 'erratic' ...as in from a 'half-blown' Power Supply?

Doesn't take too long to rig up a 'test' Power supply box just to see if that's the culprit. If it isn't, then I would first "reseat" my CPU and Memory Modules to ensure they are each making good contact with ALL the pins. And especially make sure your board is not covered in dust or has "hidden cobwebs shorting you out" ...which does STRANGE things to computers. *Wear a wrist static guard when fooling around in there!!!!


Anyway, I would check out our your power supply for sure ....and even make sure your power supply CORD/WIRE is in good condition as well. Sometimes the simple things cause the greatest headaches!


Hey everyone! I'm back online because I e-mailed DirecWay and told them I cancelled their ability to charge my credit card until they fixed my Commercial System. Got an e-mail back saying they were seeking an alternative, and since then my speed has come up to nearly 1.2Mbps 'down' (supposed to get 1.5 but we all know that is not 'real life' speeds). Anyway, it's good to be back and have (nearly) the full capacity of my high-end Commercial System. Whew! When it DOES 'fly' ...she flies!


The Reverend :!:

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