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[UK] [ADSL] PLUS.net 2Mb connection.


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Wondering if anyone in there has plus.net

i have it and i pay quite cheap internet for 2MB unlimited 17.99

the catch is that during peak times they give prioraty to http traffic and voip rather then my p2p download and stuff like that

i still get good pings in games only had problems twice in 2 months

this month some one managed to crack my wep encrypion key and has been leeching out of me

after being away for the weekend i came home to see 3 emails about my usage and how they are downgrading me because i downloaed to much

in other words slowing down my connection

some ##### leecher in my buidling is really pissing me off

hate that guy which i had a wireless device to trace him and kick the hell out of him



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I assume you have changed your web key by now, maybe you should try something tougher like wpa. When you will be gone for a period of time, turn of your wireless on your router, like when you go away for the weekend or even when your at work. Try and contact your isp and tell them that someone "hacked" into your wireless network and downloaded a lot of stuff using your connection, maybe if they believe you they would upgrade you back to your normal package.

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