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Windows 95


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(LOL) I was bored this morning so i took one of my old computers, and installed a copy of windows 95 i had laying around talk about some funny stuff. (LOL) Anyone else installed older copies of windows lately? Kinda takes you back. Maybe i'll try 3.11 next or 1.0. 


:haha: :haha: :haha:

I inslled windows 98 about a week ago on my old pentium 200MHz file server. it works great. what were the specs of that computer.

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The specs of the computer i installed windows 95 on are as follows:

Intel Pentium 233MHz MMX

98 megs of ram


Basic CD-ROM drive (High Tech) back when i bought it.

2 or 4 MB graphics card (elite)


Thats nice.

i installed windows 98 on this computer.

Micron Millenia Max

Pentium 200MHz

96MB of ram

20GB hard drive (orignanly had a 4gb HD)

8X CD-Rom

16MB Creative Rivia 2 Graphics ( best at the time)

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Maybe IE4 has a problem with this it has been showing up on the first testmy page for a few days.

"Notice: SSI.php was unable to load a session! This may cause problems with logout and other functions - please make sure SSI.php is included before *anything* else in all your scripts! in /home/testmyn/public_html/forum/SSI.php on line 158"

I use Windows ME & I use IE6 this is the latest version available for ME.I think there is a later version for XP.

I don't have it on anything but i have 3.5 diskets for IBM DOS version 4.00, Windows 3.0, &Windows 3.11.A ghost type restore disk for Windows 98SE (its a peice of crap that came with the PC).

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I think mostly you would need the updated drivers.The RAM might be a problem I don't think 95 will handle that much.

I can tell you that other "Legacy" software (Photoshop release 5 and lower, illustrator 8 and lower) can't handle more than 512 mb ram at all.

but windows 95 can deal with up to 2 GB. look here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q181594/

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