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I want to make my own forums for a clan on xbox... What do I got to do to get started?  Any good free forums out their?  Something similar to the wonderful TestMy.net forum style?  But it has to be free and look good with lots of options and features. 

So far I found RunBoard forums but I really don't like the features on it and the ads.  Any other free forums out their


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I removed the two posts where you flamed each other: CHOLLA

i2d | ScruFFy | ;You have been warned for flaming before.You started this one with no causeSo stop  or else .

x FiReMaN x ; I know it's tempting to retaliate by flaming back but its not allowed in this forum.

Report flaming to a moderator & let us handle it.If you are interested in starting a forum like you say in the post I advise you to use the no flaming policy.

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phpBB2 and SMF require some sort of webhosting account.  If you have a website, they are both free and fairly easy to set up.

If you don't have a website, there are places out there where you can sign up as a member and host a free board.  boardnation.com is one, EZBoard.com is another. 

You should be able to find several more via Google or Yahoo.


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