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IPTV is developing nicely...


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excerpt from "The End of TV as We Know It"

But the cable industry is as intent on keeping Redmond out of IPTV as it was on fighting the company's earlier efforts to get inside the set-top. That's no surprise. Cable networks pass 95 percent of US households and - once the conversion to digital is complete - could feed each of them more than 5 Gbits per second. That's like having 100 T3 lines. The Bells won't be able to match that without taking on a mountain of debt, and satellite operators can't do it no matter what they try. Which means that Comcast and its ilk could be as dominant in this century as the Bell system was in the last.

What do you guys think of this?

I think that it's a great thing for cable subscribers to look forward to. The bandwidth will be crazy.

EDIT (9:00p.m.): Here is the link to the full article. I forgot to post it earlier. Sorry. :D

IPTV Article

I'm interested in opinions of others...

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I hope you all have very ' date=' very deeeeeeep pockets :?[/quote']

If, pretty soon, Verizon will be pushing an Up to 15 Mbps/2 Mbps (Link Here) package for $49.95 monthly, how much more could the cable packages be?

I am fully prepared to switch to any home phone service they offer in order to aquire them as my new ISP. That is, of course, in the event that cable is charging too much for their new fiber packages..

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