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I just had my Direcway disconnected was able to get DSL through my local phone company. Just wondering if anyone knows how to undo the changes of the LCCU. On my DSL I have 768 down and 384 up. I have done all the tweaks for DSL and cannot get my DSL download speeds. I am getting my upload.

Any info would be appreciated!

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hey mbrainerd and welcome to the forum :)

that thing only seem to change Max connections and proxy for your browser.

To make sure you got all windows defult TCP settings i recommend you use Cablenut.

download it here http://www.testmy.net/forumz/download.php?id=99

install it and open adjuster, click delete cablenut tweaks + click save to registry

now reboot your pc.

VanBuren :)

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LCCU might work ok for DW4000 systems, but in my experience (moved up to a Commercial Class .98m dish with a business DW6000 modem, I've found that NOT following the rules gets me better speeds. Like in the browser they say to not have ANYTHING checked. I have BOTH proxy settings checked and the usual info for LAN listed ( Port 87 (86 will work just fine too ...for me anyway) ...I think my old DW4000 used either 83 or 85)? If I 'untick' the proxy with the DW6000 setup (with a live router handing out the DHCP addys ...I'll drop by 200kbps for some odd reason. (The router has an awesome hardware firewall that keeps my software firewall "on vacation" all the time. Very cool.

There are several sites with "undos" for the LCCU (which all say about the same with a few 'curve balls' tossed in. If you can find DR TCP (a tiny utility), it will assist you in getting the best possible speeds (usually). Just make a backup of your registry and write down other settings (like in your browsers relevant areas in you don't remember them before applying any tweaks).

Maybe this helps ...maybe not. Worked for me.


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