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Custom Heat Sink


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Zap... good point dlewis23!

The little fan does make sense.. There have been heat sinks that have both a vertical cooler and horizontal fan..  The back fan would just help get the hot air from that power supply, cpu, and the graphics out of the case so that you are not pushing hot air around trying to cool everything.

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i'm getting great air flow from the power supply

the vents in the back of the power supply housing

collects the heat and pushes the heat out, but im probley going to be buyin

a case fan, but a 1.66 GHz AMD Athlon doesnt really run all that hot

the power supply fan is not enough, most of the time they can't even keep the power supply it self at a adequate temp. The power supply fan is designed to get the heat out of the power supply not your case.

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Its a AMD Athlon xp 2000 rite?  Hey man AMD are awesome gaming machines...u try ocing that?  I suprised my friend a few days ago when i told him my 3dmark 06 score,  i got a 562(i no this is low) and my friend got a 650,

His specs

P4 3.00GHz

1 GB pc 3200 ram


My specs

AMD athlon xp 1800(underclocked to 1152MHz)

384 mb of pc 2100 ram

6600gt aswell

The scores are not that much different and he spent way more than me on his system

My point being is that AMD could be a pretty good gaming system

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