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Question about Windows registry settings


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If my ccs file makes little change, then I am puzzled.

A few questions come to my mind:

Are you using ADSL PPPoE? Or perhaps something else?

Are you running some kind of speed software like DSL Speed (http://www.dsl-speed.org/)?

Was Cablenut able to modify your registry values?

Maybe you would like to try registry tweaks of TCP Optimizer (www.speedguide.net) first and then use Cablenut for fine tuning and saving the changes in a ccs file.

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Only using the PPoE built into the modem.

No speed software at all.

CableNut did modify the registry values.

I've used both that and DrTcp from DSLReports, and they all gave the same results.

Understand now why I've been so nuts about this?  It really doesn't any make sense, does it?  And remember, this is on more than one pc and more than one OS on the same connection, and until 2 months ago, it wasn't like this.  I could throw just about any VanBuren tweak in there and get good results.  Some were better than others, but they didn't cripple me like they do now.

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one quick note my isp turned off their icmp ping capability and after that it has been hard for me to calculate any rwin factors the reason they did that was because of dns attacks and was just wondering if your isp has done any thing like that in the not to distant past as to effect your tcp/ip stack instabilities and inconsistencies just a thought for what it is worth and this is a good thread BTW sure caught my attention :haha:

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I honestly don't know if they (Verizon) did anything.  I've been trying to think of anything that changed, and the best that I've come up with is that I used to use Winpoet software on each pc, and pull a different ip address for each one.  It wasn't so much to have different ip's for each pc, as that I liked being able to disconnect at any time.  Anyway, not long before I noticed this problem, Verizon changed over so that I can't pull multiple ip's anymore.  The guy at my local CO also said that they've been doing lots of equipment upgrades.  That is the only thing I know of that changed.  Unless I can find others that have this issue, I probably won't take it up with Verizon, just because of the sheer hassle of trying to explain it to them.  After reading this entire thread, can you imagine what that phone call would be like, lol?  It's bad enough I don't have much of a clue about all of this, I couldn't imagine trying to explain it to someone who knows even less, just to get to a Level 3 tech.  And even then, they'd probably be stumped, too.

About what your ISP did, what exactly was the effect it had on you?  Issues like mine, or just some other headaches?

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