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IE6 and connectivity?


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for the last week or 2 i have had issues with not being able to get online...i know it's the computer cuz the modem and router are still online(wireless pc is fine), new nic card, new cables......ie6 and maxthon(ie6 sister won't work) yim, and aim come up sometimes when the ie6 don't work...computer friend said to use a reg fix that he put on the computer when he was going over it, and then to do winsock fix...ok no workie.BUT THE KICKER....i can pull up aol 8.0 get on the net like nothing is wrong.. pull up the browser and i can surf and do anything, but doesn't aol use ie6 lol.....help please.here are the fixes i have done per pc buddies advice.

new nic card, cat5 cables, modem and router are working. net is working.....

tried to re-install ie6 but when i tried it said it already had the newest version and the installation was cancelled.

did the reg thing and the winsock fix, uninstalled the ethercard, and rebooted...nothing......

went to the trouble of reinstalling sp2....still didn't work right after that or after a few reboots...oh yeah and before the sp2 trial, i tried to go to system restore in the system tools, and went back 3 days when the pc worked great...NOPE.

I left the computer on but i left it at the screen where you have to enter your username and pw, which is the default one for windows. left for about 4 hours and came back, pressed enter and it pulled up all the programs like normal....BAM yim, aim, and ie6 is working.

CAN anyone explain this, and help me figure out the problem?

thanks testmy.net

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