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32bit vs 64bit processing?


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I'm curious to see what everyone here thinks of this topic. I've read alot of articles online about it, and it seems everyone has mixed feelings in general. Will 32 bit computing be killed off by 64 bit computing, and if so when would you see it really taking place? Some people say we have quite a few more years before 64 bit computing takes totally over some say a few years. What does everyone else think? Besides the larger mathmatics 64 bit processing can do, and the support for atleast 1 terabyte of ram what else does it boast?


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64 bit, without a doubt will soon takeover 32 bit but i personally cant see it happening for a few more years.32 bit is still very common and will still be around for awhile, only some apps are compatible with 64 bit processing, a 64 bit machine can adress 64 bits of mem and 32 bits can only register 32 bit(obviously) so there for 64 bits consume considerably better.

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