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Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 is Out for PUBLIC


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I downloaded it, it seems a lot better than Beta 1 was, and windows update works on it too.  I'm keeping it.  But it does use a lot of resources (about 40-80K ish for me)

seems good so far, i've been using it for the last hour or so.  its def. better than IE6...but...its not really as good as FireFox and Opera are.

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good find wingzero2309

IE is using 59MB right now on my system. It looks alot better then beta 1, looks better then the default theme of firefox.

It seems alot faster, has anyone else notices that too?

As far a security goes im still running some tests, but it looks to be as good as firefox when it comes to spyware.

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ActiveX is still there.. There is a new security feature called ActiveX Opt-In.. which allows only the 7 of the 350 ActiveX extensions to run.. those 7 were designed for the browser..  Also there is a way to get "safe mode" on the new IE7.. Not sure if it is available in the beta but the final release should have the option to run no extension at all.

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Only thing that caught my eye was when it said back up all of your important files right on the beginning of the isntall....

thats shady

It isnt an offical release.. so i think they have to make it so that you can do that.. Same think happens when you install sp2

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So far, i'm really liking IE7 (as opposed to IE6)

However, i HATE the placement of the back/forward and address bar...i wish there was a way for it to go under the file/edit/view/favs/tools/help toolbar.

Also, when u open a new tab, its not exactly the fastest or smoothest, but it gets the job done.

Some sites still dont work with it, but its all good.

I was surprised that Google Toolbar Beta 4 works with IE7

all in all, i'd say ie7 is pretty good.  while i still think firefox is still years ahead of ie7, i think microsoft may just be able to gain back part of that large amount of users that switched from IE to something else.

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