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HELP!! unInstallShield being stupid!!


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Im trying to install a game demo and it gives me this information:

setup has detected that unInstallShield is in use. Please close unInstallshield and restart setup.

ERror 432.

wtf ? i dont see unINstallshield running anywhere!!! and yes iv'e rebooted many times and even deleted everything that has to do w/the game, quake, from the registry and anything besides install files


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would that do it?

Name: Parite virus

Also known as: Pinfi, Pate, Win32.Parite.a, W32/Pate.a, W32.Pinfi, Win32.Pinfi.A, PE_PARITE.A, W32/Parite-A, Win32/Parite.A

Type: Memory-resident polymorphic file infector

Affects: EXE and SCR files on Windows 32-bit platforms

Rgr. :?

Theirs no such thing as uncleanable;

1) get norton antivirus

2) find and manualy delete the virus in safemode.

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I suppose you could , yes. If AVG gives the actual location of the infection like norton does. ( i just mentioned norton because thats all i use ;) ) IF it indeed does, then restart , tap F8 , start in safemode WITHOUT networking, and remove the virus by hand.

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S1!!! PLEASE GET ON AIM AND SEND ME FUCKING 2003!!!! If i try to get it on your DC++ its like...3k/sec IF YOU SEE THIS ILL BE ON!!!

lol i have a slow connection myself.. wouldnt get much better from me :cry:

you can always try


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