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Las Vegas Shaft?


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So is everone in Vegas still getting Cox "B.S." I apologize to all if this post is offfensive. Am I the only one or is cox in L.V. overrated and overadvertised? First the service really needs to catch up with the rest of the nation or at least surrounding states, It is one of the fastest growing cities. The advertise about how satisfied customers are compared to other service providers cutomers in the L.V. area, but who dsl, which hardly anyone can get, or broadband does that even count? On their site they have a meter for 6meg service so you can compare your 4 meg to it but I think pulling teeth would have been easier than get a price quote on it. I did in fact get one now everyone get this its $269.00 dollars a month for 6000/1000 I've seen where surrounding states or almost double the speed of the premier service they offer in L.V. for the same cost between $50.00 and $60.00 bucks a month. So if Im not the only and others would like to see a reasonable upgrade say so here so I can ask people of "testmy.net" for an effective way about getting it. Thank You

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Guest jeffwalker9999


Cox Cable Las Vegas Is Bad

they say "the digital age"

they need to catch up with the rest of the internet

I'm on $49.95 mo 5 meg / 768 k

and never get it - never

close at times

depends on time of day

they have added support for IPV6 protocol

but $$ for what you get needs to be really modified

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