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My Best Friend


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Seems my best friend ordered a Dell 9300 laptop last weekend, and just got it yesterday. It's his first laptop, and he is very proud of it. I thought i'd post this since i still seem to be waiting on my MacBookPro!! Atleast someone got there notebook!!

He got his with:

7200rpm 100 GB HD

128mb ATI mobility radeon video card

17inch screen always a plus

Intel wireless a/b/g internal card

8x DVD +/-RW Drive

1GB of ram 2 512 Dimms

Windows Media Edition of XP

Not bad for a first notebook alot better than my first was, but then again my first notebook was in 93 or 94. It also seems he got the 9300 just under the wire as dell has removed it from the Home/Office section of their site.

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I hate that card.. I hate how dell downgraded between the I8600 and the 6600.. Even on the 9300 why wouldnt you spend the extra to make that screen look awesome?!

I have a 9600 Pro with 128mb of ram.. and it will kick the living crap out of my brother 6600 with the x300.. both 1 gig, 7200rpm 60 gig hard drive, same monitior, and both have the 1.8.. he has the new 533fsb.. I got the 400fsb :(

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i have been checking out alot of notebook forums, and there seems to be a 50/50 split on people bitching about the price of the MBP. I personally think the price is around where it should be for a sweet machine like that. PLUS if all goes well you will be able to run it as a dual boot with Mac OS, and Vista. Ofcourse apple nor windows will care for that, but it's suppose to be possible.  :D

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yeah.. we will see.. i am sure that someone will come up with a way to dual boot..  I think that the price is a little steap.. but hey it is APPLE!! they have always be a bit high.. but if it look like the pictures I have seen!  then hell it is worth every penny!

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