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I am very disappointed...if the Steelers had lost I would've tipped my hat to the Seahawks. But the truth is that the Steelers won and not the Hawks. So Seahawk fans should get over it and stop complaining. The Seahawks aren't saying they lost because of bad calls from refs...so the Seahawk fans should respect their team enough to drop it. It makes them look really stupid. Lets not forget the pair of fieldgoals the Hawks tried to kick and couldn't make...they could've punted because it was out of their kicker's range. I know the truth is that gadget play the Steelers did pissed off Seahawk fans but the truth is...they had time to study our last few weeks of play and if they didn't see that coming...it's their own fault. Every game has some bad calls...but the Seahawks made too many costly mistakes and now the sore losers aren't the Seahawks...but the Seahawk fans.  :cry:

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I will tell any Seahawks fan that the Seahawks were our toughest team to beat all year and if anyone could've beat us it would've been them. :occasion14:

......... :haha:NOT

The Hawks got punched in the mouth, straight up. I know you're just being a good sport and all, but c'mon, Detroit played Pitt harder than that!

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