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Best computer ive seen for the lowest $$


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I practically stopped calling emachines, when 99% of their answers were,restore, or(YUCK)recovery. Finally found that if you keep your computer clean, you won't have to call them, maybe once a year. Easier to just check on this website. And the constant reminders about renewing your support subscription for $100 plus.

If you ask them why that is always their answer,(well that is not all we do). Don't get me wrong, they do have some knowledge staff, but most of them have to look up the answers and do research,(will you hold while I research this?) They do always fix it though. Just easier ways to go about most of it. And only covers the certain parts.

You will have to contact Microsoft.

You will have to contact ATI.

You will have to contact Samsung.

You will have to contact Konica Minolta. ETC......... Support HAH :evil3: :evil3: :evil3: :evil3: :evil3:

Pretty good computers though if your not a gamer, like me. Most good gamers could probably roast one though! ;) ;)

Actually on my third one, First one did not know how to clean one and crashed the whole thing and sold it for the box. Second one got too small. This one T6522 was largest one available. So far pretty good luck.


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Emachine AMD Sempron 3300+ w/ 17" flat screen and color printer 512mb ddr ram 80 GB hard drive nVidia Geforce 6100 graphic card DVD/CD-rw combo drive and 8-1 media reader - 299.97 at best buy after rebates until feb 11

One thing I did learn about buying emachines is if you buy the cheapest one, is that it will be obsolete within 2 years. So this time I did the math and figured that if I bought the most I could afford, I would not be obsolete for at least 2or3 more years. Example $300 for 2 years, or $500 for 5 years. Anyway that was my analysis. And more RAM potential, with media center and better speakers, and rebates, actually probably only paid about $100 more. :roll: :roll:

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The best will be the lowest priced one in two years, but in the mean time I was able to enjoy it for those 2 years also. More bang for the buck. If you can afford it get what you want the first time, you won't be sorry. And will be more upgradeable. Enjoy!!! ;) ;) ;):arrow:

Actually mine was new enough that their was no knowledge of it in emachines database, everything pointed to it being a gateway(mother company). Took 2 months for this to be changed. Just a little interesting.

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