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Useful/cool programs..


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I was reading through one of my daily sources and found these..


The latest edition of Processo Explorer from sysinternals is now available..


Lets you see what every process is registered to!  Could be really helpful in detecting spyware/malware!

Then I found.. uBrowser.. it allows you to "browse" in 3d. just something cool..



Both are free!

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I have Process Explorer ,Here is some other software I use.


MyVitalAgent I don't know if it will work with XP

XP is not listed MyVitalAgent v8.0.1 Author: Lucent Technologies File Size:1380KB Operating System(s):Windows 2000,

Windows NT, Windows9x

http://www.irfanview.com/    Freeware graphic viewer for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003.


IE New Window Maximizer Version 2.4 Date 2005.02.08 Platforms 98/Me/2000/XP Filesize 412 kB Build

Language English Type Freeware

This program will automatically maximize new Internet Explorer and Outlook Express windows

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Hopefully I can contribute to this post

XP DiskCleaner

XP Disk Cleaner is a powerful tool for cleaning disks from information that clogs your system and reduces the performance of your computer. With the help of

this tool you can search and delete temporary files and folders and other applications, search for invalid links to documents that don't exist, uninstall

software, disable/enable unused fonts, delete Cookies, and search and remove duplicate files.

Windows applications create several files on your hard drive for temporarily storing the data. These files are supposed to be removed when application

terminates. Often, they will not been removed because of a program error, sloppy architecture, your system gets reset or does not shut down properly, or

another application locks up or crash. It is important to know that any file which is left behind in this manner will remain on your system unless you manually

search and remove it. Over time, these junk and obsolete files can accumulate to sucks of wasted hard drive space, as well as turn into potential

error-producing cross-linked drive references. XP Disk Cleaner targets these specific types of files which are missed by common disk utilities like Uninstaller,

Defrag and Scandisk etc.

You can also use this tool to work with your documents: to find and delete old back-up files and duplicates based on different criteria. The program has a

friendly user-interface and is easy to use. The disk cleaning process can be launched automatically using the command-line, reducing your participation to

save you time.

Why to cleaner your Disk?

There are several reasons to clean your system disks. Here are the most important ones.

It increases performance of your computer due to decreasing of the used disk space and the paging file, and cutting time for data search, since there is less

data to search through. And, of course, cleanness is the key to health not only for humans, but for any system.

Another important reason to clean your computer is to secure your information from intruders. When working with the internet, the browser records all sorts

of personal information such as name, birthday, address, credit card numbers, and much more. This information is used to automatize working with certain

websites and is updated in the course of dealing with those websites.


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