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IE or Firefox??


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whats better??

It's a matter of personal preference really.  I personally like FireFox for it's security benefits but to tell you the truth I like how IE feels, just seems a little smoother.

If you use IE you may want to use it with Microsoft Antispyware, they make a good combo (actually Microsoft Antispyware makes a good combo with ANY browser).  Get it at >> https://testmy.net/forum/t-11804.0

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Isnt it like every month we get one of these?!?  But yeah.. Still an FF user.. I like the ability to customize, about:config, and make it the way that you want it.

Also the fact that i switched to this from IE make me keep it more.  I have grown to love it and use it.  Infact I often look back, now that I have tabs, and wonder how i was able to live with having 5-10 seperate windows of IE open at one time!  Until MS produces something more impressive.. I am not going to be switching.  I took a look at the new IE7.. nothing all that amazing.  Active X is still there.. Ms is already finding problems in the program itself... Just my 2 cents..  Check this article I posted earlier today.. http://www.testmy.net/articles/article-373

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do what i did, tryout both, tweaking everything and finding out all the differneces and what u like and dont like about each browser for a whole week or two, then after that, just choose firefox. But if u choose ie, u might want ie7 beta because it has tabbed browsing by default and u wont have to download the msn search bar like u will have to for ie6.

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