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IE or Firefox??


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[i use Maxthon because it has tabs and is like IE. Don't get pop ups either. Also it doesn't use as much resources as IE.]

Maxthon is only a skin on IE, and has all the same probs. yes it has tabs , and yes I use it, I find it smoother than firefox, I think  IE 7 will be good , with tabs

from a noob

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Alright.. here is the holy grail of browser wars..

IE7 Vs. Everyone Else

Four tech experts battle over which is the best browser -- Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera, or Maxthon. We take you on a visual tour of each, then let you make the call.

By Ed Bott, Scot Finnie, Dennis Fowler, and Ron White

Are you an Internet Explorer traditionalist? An old-time Opera booster? A fervent Firefox enthusiast? Or an advocate of possible Next-Big-Thing Maxthon?

Now that Microsoft has come out with the public preview of its upcoming Internet Explorer 7 for XP, it is time to explore exactly why IE is still top dog, whether it deserves to bear that title, and which browsers may be closing in on its tail.

Getting Passionate About Browsers

Challenging IE is not an easy task

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Opera is a great browser. But IE is for me the fastest of all. Opera keeps up pretty well with IE and is a little faster than Firefox.

IE7 I don't like as much as IE6. I have had some trouble logging into Lunarpages and a couple other sites. But it is beta.

But I will admit I use FF the most. I love TB and like changing out the themes of both. Kinda change the look of things. 

Before whenever I would download things with FF I would get frustrated because it lets you choose which program to open files and save them as. But I have actually found it usefull now and actually prefer it.

In the long run FF is more user friendly and more secure. I find a lot of answers to a lot of questions I have through  different sources on the internet with no headache. IE is sometimes to damn confussing.

I am trying out Netscape  a little more lately.

I can say that FF for runs pretty consistent so far as speed goes. Either the page opens or it doesn't. IE hangs for ever almost every day on certain websites.

So FF gets my vote. Then it has to go to Opera. The IE 6. IE7 gets timeout till it can clean up its act.

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