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Hardrive keeps reverting to pio


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Well I always thought my hardrive had started dying because it would transfer super slow, but now I have realized that it is actually in pio mode instead of dma 5 like the other drive. I've got it set to dma if available but it always goes to pio. What could the problem be?

If it's keep on reverting to PIO, it may be already damage... or you have installed a damage Harddisk.

Is it a SATA? try intalling a chipset driver !!!

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Also, they are the exact same hardrive. I cannot get it to boot when they are on the same ide channel so I have to use a different one.

I'm gonna try and explain this properly and hopefully my wording is clear enough.


IDE cable 1) Master (Hard Drive ATA100) and a slave drive (CD Burner ATA33) .... the bios will use the lowest setting on that cable ... which would be ATA33 .... which means Your hard drive runs at ATA33

Now if You did this

IDE cable 1)Master (Hard Drive ATA100) and slave drive (your 2nd hard drive ATA100) ,then both would run at ATA100 .

I hope you understand what I mean... if not I know I can find a website on it.

So my suggestion is to find the jumper settings for your 2nd hard drive and set it to slave and hook it to the same ide cable as your main drive.

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