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possible to fix bad sectors?

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ok my laptop crapped out and i when i turn it on it says operating system not found and i cannot even load the system restore cds. someone said before that it may have bad sectors is there a way to fix this? i dont really want to buy a new hard drive at $160. if anyone has any ideas they would greatly appreciated

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I had a similar problem before on one of my hard drive, i eneded up taking it in to get fixed and they had to low level format it.  Im sure there is a utility out there that can do this for you, Low level formatting is not ur typical formatting method because it rewrites all of ur sectors

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Guest jeffwalker9999

you might want to run a check disk

5 stage pass

this will fix the errors


comand prompt c:>_

chkntfs (space) /d <'enter'>     

sets chkdsk ntfs file system to run even if no errors


chkntfs (space) /t:2 <'enter'>

sets the wait time before program starts

chkdsk (space) /f (space) /v (space) /x  <'enter'>

3 stage  ----runs a quick standard check disk

chkdsk (space) /v (space) /r (space) /x   

5 stage  ---runs a complete check disk (takes a long-long-long time)

(if repeated  multi times::will return "disk is clean" )

(this is the best check if you have the time to do it........... )

/f = fix

/v = verify every files check sum

/r = repair any error

/x = force to run

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if anyone knows of an adapter so i can hook a laptop hard drive to my desktop that would be great, because i want to see what wrong with it but it wont load in my laptop


2.5 inch to 3.5 inch IDE Hard Drive Cable Adapter, 44 Pin Female to 40 Pin Male

Good Luck

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Sorry to be off topic, but I need some help.  I can't get any results after testing anymore.  I keep getting the message listed below.

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Lost connection to MySQL server during query in /home/testmyn/public_html/tools/test/results.php on line 323

Could not connect:

Last night my home office had me download some security updates, and now this is all I can get.  Any suggestions?  Keep it clean, okay?!!

Thank you.

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