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Not too particular about colors, themes, contrast, etc.; I can work with almost anything, but the pages are too wide now.  I have to scroll right to see the full page and I have a big blank area on the left of the board, even though the header on the main page goes to the left margin.

this should look fine in lower resolutions now.. I forgot to upload a file that fixes that... let me know

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This is so cool' we  actually have a choice to pick a layout'  but im sticking to the previous layout as it is easier on my eyes' i love the new layout but its hard on my blinding eyes!! Great job!!

you may also want to check out "SMF default" -- looks nice ;-)

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OK, the page width is fine now, but I have gained an odd line at the top.  Not sure if it's supposed to be there or not.


As to the logo/link, what about putting a blank gif in the TD cell that links to the main page.  It would 'overlay' the background .

how did you get it to do that?  I've never seen that... try clearing your cache and hitting the site again.

I will have to try the blank gif thing ;-)

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cool... worked out fine, link is in place, thanks :)

No Prob.

A little trick I learned from elsewhere.

Hint; You can also 'layer' backgrounds in many cases by putting one in the TABLE Tag, a second in the TR Tag and a third in the TD Tag, then put a fourth [actual] image in the TD cell itself which can be an animated gif.  The effect is almost 3D where the anigif moves over the other background(s).

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Unfortunately I didn't do anything except load the site, and it wasn't there yesterday [last time I was here] so it wouldn't be a cache issue.

I use Opera 8, so it may be something browser related.

I will get opera and try it in there... and adjust accordingly :)

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yes, more colors are on the way.. and a high contrast version is one of them ;-)

Yes contrast is much easier on my eyes but you did a nice job CA3LE, kudos. On the font size I only see a difference when I boot into WinXP MCE ( I use the space theme) and I use the classic theme while booted on WinXP Pro.


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