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X-fire Contact Information - Gamer Linkage

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Hey everyone. u game?

Post here contact information for X-Fire, (or any related game contact client).

Post also the games you play on-line. usual game hours for convenient hooking-up.

Any clan info, and any additional info that may be considered important.

Play Away!! Do it. ^_^  :cool:

Sticky by: Swimmer

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i'm mostly on bfield 2 , and bfield 2 special forces ;) and Jedi Knight, Jedi Academy

(www.freesaberalliance.com <- old school jkja clan).

i play also counter-strike  : source, day of defeat : source, and half-life 2 deathmatch.

Guild Wars.

City of Heroes.

Quake 3 Arena.

y game mostly during (EST-4)10pm and latah'

my x-fire contact information is : antoniwan

hook me up if u want some dying going on ;)

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