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You know Suprnova.org is shut down?


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I have heard through the grapevine that torrents are being watched heavily at this point, so i would stay clear of them for awhile. As far as supernova, some IRC guys are telling me they will be back. They are working on a new technology called like ezeem or something. Supposedly its anonymous. Don't hold me to this though. Just telling what i have heard.

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Hmmmm filesharing is legal in canada. And i just happen to live there to. Don't know the first thing about setting up a site though. How much system resources would it take up?? How much bandwidth??

This is a possibility if its not to crazy. I already host a game server on my machine but it takes up little resources.

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:cry: all the n64 roms are .7z files... i have project 64 and it doesnt play .7z files... sniffle, sniffle... :cry: lol now i have to go and look for a new emulator... :haha: nice link, bud :D

lol im stupid! :tongue: .7z files are just like .zip :o:huh: sweet, now i can play rogue squadron and south park and all that good stuff. reno, ur my hero :oops::haha:

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well 1 we need a host

2. need files

3. need moderator.

4. no one can find out who we are because RIAA and the movies. 

http://spacend.info/ this looks like a decent free thing we could use, we need a name and a type of organizing the torrent files, I like the way that http://www.indietorrents.com/ 

and onk site has done it, I need helping finding that thing though, Ill take any help i can get. we need a name to.

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