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You know Suprnova.org is shut down?

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It was shut down because the RIAA has a stick up there ass and thinks that people sharing music is illegal. Sharing music is not illegal because some one had to have bought it at some point.  there are plenty other sites out there thought you just need to find them. www.bi-torrent.com

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Hello and welcome to Testmy.net.  I do not know what it would cost in CA to get everything up and running, yet I can state that I just started up and 2nd Server (EV1.net) for the purpose of adding to the capacity of this website and as of this afternoon the charges are about $5,000USD.

I'm in Costa Rica so if you multiply that by 444, the current exchance rate for our colone, it looks like I spent a small fortune!  ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well over 2.2 million colones anyway. 

You can get cheaper, but if you going to run a PSP you''ll neeed alot of transfer each month or you get socked with overage fees, so you'll need at LEAST 100,000GB per month (I think).  You'd be amazed how fast it adds up when the MP3's and vids start flying around.  heheh..

Best thing to do right now is leave it be.  YOU could be charged for giving access to bit torrent even though it is legal in your oountry.  Fact!


The Reverend

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Thanks for all the info reverend. That is alot of bandwidth!! 1 thing i don't get is the site should only use bandwidth when users are looking through the forum no?? The only things in the forums would be torrent links to whatever tracker i would setup.

I may be way off here but that way people wouldn't be downloading anything from the actual site??

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There is no way that you would need 100,000GB of bandwidth. Because the magic of torrents is that the site just sets up the connection to the other users. The files that you're downloading through the torrent protocol don't pass through a centralised server.

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