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You are limited to some or no connectivity !! Please help


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Today i turned on my computer and a icon popped up saying i was limited to some or no connectivity and i couldnt be assigned a ip address from the network. The only thing i was fooling around with last night was qos packetsheduler i removed it. But it was working after i removed it "Dont ask me why i removed it" But anyways i tried reinstalling it from network properties today and rebooting and it still wouldnt work. So i connected to my 2nd lan coard onboard my Lanparty Motherboard and it works but its slower than my nvidia networking card. Does anyone know how i might fix this problem ive tried rebooting the computer/Modem uninstalling and reinstalling the network card / Reinstalling qos packet scheduler

Thanks in advance 8)

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:) Casemental,

First welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy,we dont know what your setup is....you know what O.S. you have etc.......... although some people dont use or like this feature , if you have Win XP you might first try a system restore and see if it will roll you back to a point where everything was OK....also if you have XP there is a app called WntIpcfg.exe,

and you could try that ...here is a screen-shot that show what it is and what you can do, I have used this many times before to clear problems.....good luck and lets us know and give more info if you need more more help:):)

8) Microwave

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