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In the bios I set my voltage at 1.55, but it says its only at 1.47-1.49 in everest. Is my motherboard undervolting or is everest reading it incorrectly? When I go to pc health stats in the bios the voltage also is 1.55.

My guess is that Everest is reading it incorrectly.  Everest read the several things incorrectly when i tried it,  but all in all everest is a good program

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I don't know because I cranked the voltage up to 1.650 and everest says its about 1.50-1.52 and now Im stable at 2.9ghz, the bios also reports the voltage as about 1.5. Im kinda thinking its problem with the motherboard undervolting, could be my power supply idk. Hopefully somebody can give me some more information on this.

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1) I think that 1.71 is a lot more voltage than you should put through your processor - the 90nm processors, like the 3700+ you are running, should not be at more than 1.65 volts - voltage kills ! - some amd cores, like barton will run at higher voltages than 2.0 - but ....i wouldnt advise you to do that on a sandy

2) If you would like to find out the true voltage of your processor/chipset - get out a voltmeter and find a guide that tells you where on your motherboard you can measure the effective voltage - in many cases not even bios will tell the correct vcore

*my thoughts

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