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Help with.....BT millionth time right guys


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ok well i use Bitcomet and i was wondering something am i never suppose ot get above 30k on Dl's because i seem to max out there. for the first time ever yesterday i got up to 400kb's for about oh 1 minute. so is it me or am i capped like that and i have my Upload to set to about 30 kb's.

thank you for anyhelp i will get any ifno you require and also i have a router since im sure that will come up it's a LINKSYS BEFSR41

and sorry guys for my sentence structure.

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Ok i just opened the Port i was using for it which was 6881 but on to another question should i be bottlenecked at around 30kbs all the time like this?. or have i  not found a good torrent really ever like i said my max ever was a few days ago with it going up to 400kbs for a minute or so.

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Supreme1 what is ur connection

it is my believe that u got 400kb/s when u resumed a torrent which u were downloading

so for example

u click on pause when a torrent is downloading

then wait for like 2 or 3 min then when u click back resume

the sort of time after u clicked pause it actually went ahead and finished a few files it was downloading so when u click resume again it shows a massive speed but it is actually not true

hence it only lasts like 1min or so

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hey, just use bittornado...it always works great. Also, note that it is bittorrent so don't forget that it may just not have enough seeders to make it go very fast. Also: especially in bittornado the upload is proportional to your download, so I set mine to 13 up, and it can get up to about 360 down. if I bump it down to abot 10 or so, it will get up higher...so...lol :twisted:

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