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I find this amusing! I'm a Windows Defender pioneer in that I must have


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produced a new trouble code that they hadn't seen before.  I have a post on the MS Windows Defender forum for almost 48 hours now with no response by anyone.  This is the error I get trying to update:  "Windows Defender was unable to complete the update: 0x8007064c. The installation source for this product is not available. Verify the source exists and that you can access it."  It worked fine for several days then I started to have some other update problem so I uninstalled it, reinstalled it (twice now!) and get that code that apparently no one over there has a clue about!  lol!  I removed it again and won't try another install until they get the bugs out.

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It was still monitoring, however, what is the point if the definitions aren't up to date?  I have it removed for now.  The only support is at the enclosed link and you will see there are a lot of update issues, although mine seems to be unique.  My post is almost two and a half days old with no responses.  It's about 10 threads down now!


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keep in mind that most anti-this and anti-that software is not so-much set-up to defend you as it is to defend itself!!  hacks out there aren't writting attacks against YOU, they're writing them against the software you think is protecting you!

{these so-called anti-virusspyware companies are just using us to act as front line defenders before they get 'totally"  hackedsmacked and shut down.

sure, there's some kiddie prankhacks floating around, but the real war is in the game of dropping the 'big bois', hence all the updates, it's just a game!!} IMHO

. . .it's just Spy vs. Spy!!   . . .and they get us to play and pay, too!! ~ lol

Oh, welcome aboard kidrockhead!!

don't let all this scare you away, it's a great community!!  ~ lol

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