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How to avoid calls dropping & What are Fios Compatible Phones


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I just got an FiOS in january. After that my calls are being dropped and during a phone conversation it breaks my voice frequently.  I called verizon and they said that there is a loose connection inside the house and its possible that your phone is not compatible to Fios.

Is there any way to go back to original Analog line then Fios? Or how should I resolve this. 

How can I test the connection inside the house? What device I can use to test the loose connection.


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I think Verizon is BSing you. All phones that worked with your regular land line should work fine with VoIP. If you were not having any trouble before you got Verizon they must have messed something up when they installed. I would force them come out and fix the problem its highly unlikely that your phone has anything to do with it.

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VOIP has a lot to do with upload bandwidth, have you done any speed tests to make sure that you get the upload that you are supposed to?  Are you using another router other than theres, if so do you have PPPoE enabled on it?  Are you connecting wirelessly to your router?  If so then sometimes wireless technology can drop out, or atleast on some of the older A/B routers.  I know my router at home sucks nuts (linksys, its old and drops stuff alot).

It very well could be verizon, that screwed it up.  I would have to make sure all my crap was in order before I called them and started complaining.  Did you have VOIP before like vonage or the voicewing or packet8 before?

Did you have trouble then?  You are lucky to have FIOS, we want it in Durham , NC!!!!

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