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help with my connextion speed

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This is my tracert to Malaysia. See the very short time in the first and second hop.

Trace Output:

1  203-144-xxx-xxx.static.asianet.co.th 0.422 ms  0.270 ms  0.254 ms

2  203-144-xxx-xxx.static.asianet.co.th 0.279 ms  0.277 ms  0.250 ms

3  203-144-144-7.static.asianet.co.th    0.705 ms  0.670 ms  0.704 ms

4 (            1.563 ms  1.048 ms  0.823 ms

5 (      1.416 ms  1.467 ms  1.753 ms

6 (    15.558 ms  15.489 ms  14.680 ms

7 (    46.694 ms  46.347 ms  47.503 ms

8  vlan500-brf-sw03.tm.net.my            44.617 ms  44.141 ms  44.971 ms

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If you have a router and modem, the first is value of the router and second value for the modem.

If you do not have a router, then the first value is the modem.

The third value is the ISP central office (CO). For you, the second is Starhub's CO.

You cannot control the lag time in your ISP's line. Lag time there depends on traffic. For example, Starhub has a CO for Bishan. All members will connect to this CO. If many members use the internet at the same time, lag time will be more because many signals are travelling through the same point.

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Are you also using Starhub cable TV?

This is Starhub's link to a proper cable route and set up:


And here is Starhub's guide to check status of the modem:


If your ping for the first hop is still high, I suggest you call Starhub at 1633 for assistance.

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