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Dell XPS 200


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Upgrade the ram to a gig and get a much better vid card than that and u will have a nice system

I think that the xps 200 is a laptop and the "top of the line" is the is the 600.. that is because it is the sff.. and they have had overheating problems with their sff in the past.. in fact, i thought we were talking about a laptop here, i would say away from the XPS 200.. it i just going to cause a cooling nightmare.. or move the computer into a different case..

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okey, guys!! I have a pentium d 830 and a gig of ram...DON'T UPGRADE YOUR VID CARD...


I will let you in on a little secret that i have stumbled across:


NOTE: Yes, this is an overclocking program, but a "safe" one...lol

I personally have a RADEON x300 with 128 megs of RAM also...my default clocks on it are 324 MHz Core and 196 MHz Memory.

Now: When I go into ATITool, i boost the memory only up to 254 MHz, and while, yes, the fan comes on, it significantly ups my framerate.

This has been tested in Half Life, Half Life 2, Counterstrike, CS: Source, and Need For Speed Underground 2.

In other words, without overclocking, I have a pretty bad card...but by doing this simple step i can get the performance of a lot better card, which i would never have expected out of this thing~!


This will make a huge difference in gaming performance, trust me...and, i of course reset the card to the default when i'm done gaming, lol...that's a biggie :-)

soooo..install ATITool, and tell me what it shows as your default MHz values for Core and Memory, and i'll help ya out :-)

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Well, yea, 1 gig of ram would be a great upgrade, but my radeon x300 only has a heatsink (cheap little plastic one) and like i said i can boost it up to 245 or so on the memory end and it never has hurt it a bit....if u wanna upgrade, go for it, i just don't really see the reason at all...lol  ;)

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