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Okay today i wanted to format my hard drive and reinstall windows:

I put in the windows CD, reboot my PC, it doesnt automatically detect it. I open up windows, go to my computer, there is in fact a CD drive there, but its a DVD/Cd drive, and its not what I use, or even have. I went to Daemon tools, disabled in control panel. Guess what? It finds that same CD/Dvd drive again. Just to make things even clearer, I do not have a DVD drive, I have a CD drive, and the manufacturer name is totally different that what its supposed to be. I inserted an old CD drive in my free slot (now i have 2) but its not detecting it. They both open/close and when you put in a CD it spins, but it doesnt open. I connected my external cd drive, and it works.

I put in my windows CD, thinking i could reinstall windows using it and the problems will go away. It installs another copy (the installation files) and i reboot my pc, and get a OS secection window. I select the new installation one. It tells me that I have no CD drive. Apparently, windows doesnt read USB devices before installing it. I tried to install the cd driver with a floppy, it worked before (about 30 min prior to the point im at now), but now it doesnt

Now here is the funniest part. I did a system restore, and my boot.ini file is crapped up. It starts loading windows 2000, takes about 10 minutes to get to windows xp screen, and im finished typing this while it just loaded my desktop.

So what do i do now?

- I made sure the wires that connect to the cd drive's are tightly secure

- The CD drives both open and close meaning the power cables are working atleast

- Im pretty sure that the cd drives themselves arent broken

- The windows cd im using is working

What im gonna do meanwhile somebody answers

- try to turn on windows and fix the boot.ini file

- Get my friends hard drive, plug it in, and try to boot from there

- get new wires

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