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Time for cleanup day? NOOOOOOOOOOOO


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does anyone ever have a download cleanup day when you get rid of old downloads, like software when your hds are getting kinda full

well it looks like today is the day for me, and ill partiton my os drive as well, imma mad dler and i want more space for dling, and i hate deleting stuff i have, cause i think, oh i might need this later, and then sometimes it comes up and i do need it.

ahhhhhh this is gonna suck

what prompted this cleanup is i only got 19g on the 4th hd left, and im just  started 2 dls that are gonna take up 15gb

edit: they are maxing out my connection to, and i like it, my bro who plays rs prolly wont has he will be laggin up the but

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I haven't deleted anything I've downloaded for a long time (except project files that I'm done with)

I have an 8GB collection of files only. (Maybe doesn't seem like a lot, but I've got DWay...)

Actually there's a lot more, but that's my downloaded programs folder (I also have site and db backups etc...)

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I move all the cr*ap ? to partion "D" then when that gets full ,I write it to DVD , then I don't label the DVDs , so I might as well have binned it  :lol:

  anyway how often do you  clean up your workshop , daily, sometimes, never,

"I might need it " is my motto    :) but then  I can never find it  :lol:,


roco. UK

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