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if u think that is good then listen to this crap !

Guest littlerooster25

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Guest littlerooster25

i have the direcway 4000 and yes im a new member here,but i have been a member of direcway for almost 3 years now and have loved them i was getting speeds of as high as 8500 with a singel of 69 and was so happy with it that i upgraded to the professional with dial up , so now my speeds have crashed to as low as 700 and i am mad as heck ,and i also metioned that i was very fast and that i like it and i think that when he changed me over to the pro they capped me some how cause i was very fast,i could download until they faped me in just about 10 min witch was 170mb,and now im slow slow slow, i hate it ,and i am not switching to the dw6000 not after all the crap i have heard in here no way hosaay!

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Welcome to the club "lil" rooster from TN. I have DWay's finest account (Commerical/Business), and I do believe that I am the slowest thing on the web these days. It is extremely infuriating. You are using what I had before "moving up." Well, my dish size went up, and the height of the DW6000 modem went up over the top of the 4000's, and of course the price-per-month went up (not to mention the "up front" price for equipment and installation). Ai-yi-yi! Everything else went down the tubes and there has been nothing I have found that will change it. However, I "froze" my charge card so that they couldn't get any bucks from me, and that got their attention with some positive yet short-lived results. Even though my speeds increased they aren't half of what I'm supposed to be getting ...and even though I have a FAP limit of 800MB I still get nailed at 500 ...usually. There are many times when it is impossible to get online ...it just times out.

Anyway ...sorry to hear you got roped into this fine mess too. www.direcwaysux.com has a great many others in the same boat, along with alot of misinformation (plants) mixed in prolly to tame things down a bit. DWay knows exactly what they are doing, and there's nothing on the horizon that remotely suggests they are going to change.


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