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hey look at this


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Hmm ...starting four days ago I was monitoring SS when suddenly it just dropped from 97 to 94 and hasn't moved since that moment. Makes ya wonder what the hey they are really doing at NOC. Prior to that, on clear days I was noticing my SS would drop to a steady 89, yet on cloudy days it would rise to 94 ...then it went back to 97 before falling once again. Weird...

If your SS went up a bit, perhaps something 'good' happened to your LNB? Don't happen to know which satellite you're on do you? (Sat-Mex5, G11, G4R ....).

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Ummm ....no, I don't believe so. Clear days are far more likely to give you a higher signal strength than cloudy days. I think DWay has been experimenting with my satellite or something to that effect. We've been getting all sorts of strange events over the past 6 -7 days or so.

I was just making a point that my signals were dropping at times when they should have remained steady, and vice versa. DirecWay ...Where Quality Is Just A Slogan.


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i used to get a signal strength of about 91. but then my DW6000 somehow got decommissioned. i had no internet access and so i called DW tech support. i waited an hour and 10 minutes to talk to someone who actually knew what they were talking about. well im not really sure anyone there actually knows what they are talking about but, they did fix my problem and got every thing working after they switched me to another sattelite. i would have thought that the antenna would have to be re pointed to do that, but they never said to do that and no one ever came and did it for me. so now i get a signal strength of about 45. it goes out every time it rains now. as soon as cable or dsl is available in my area i am throwing away my dw6000 and switching to the other service. i don't think i will ever have cable. the road i live on has cable running down it, but the thing is, my driveway is almost one mile long . the cable company won't run that one mile of cable for just one house.

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