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U.S. Web giants slammed over China


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I would like to open a debate about the article linked above. Many other articles like it have been written on similar grounds, and many discussions have followed, but it is such an important issue that I would like to hear others' opinions here.


First of all, the article is targetting US-based Internet/technology companies Microsoft, Yahoo, Google and Cisco, and their involvement with the blowup of technology in China.

China, with over one-fifth of the world's population, has implemented laws which censor and restrict what is accessible over the Internet. The Chinese government has instated 30,000 personel in a faction of Internet police to uphold these laws, and all who operate in this country must abide accordingly.

American companies have identified a gold mine in the the uprising technology market in China, and have flocked over like seagulls on a french fry. But in order to stick their hand in the pot, this means that they must adopt the local laws.

The US government is appalled that these companies would act in such a disgraceful manner, to deny the basic human rights of freedom and expression, for which America stands, in order to gain a profit.

On the other hand, these international corporations are simply providing for the market, respectfully adhering to China's national laws in order to be allowed access to advertise a service in the country.

Is the American government wrong in making accusations towards the involvement of a company in another country? Or are they right in that they are defending sanctified human rights? What is your opinion?

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