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Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection settings

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a similar post i placed in the General forum, with little response, so hope no one minds that i post here as well.

just updated my Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection drivers, and noticed that there is now more selections available in the "Advance" settings tab, which of course most are all unknown to me.  hoping someone here has some insight.

i am currently running Windows XP Pro, Comcast 6000/384, with CableNut, and csc for 6000/400 with great speeds; dl at 7029/858, ul at 355/43.

some one suggested that most of these settings might be for networking, but I am curious as to if any of these entries are something i should be concerned about as far as connection and speed for my application?

1..adaptive inter-frame spacing

2..adaptive technology

3..adaptive transmit threshold

4..coalesce buffers

5..enable pme

6..flow control settings (i recognize this one)

7..link speed & duplex (recognize this one too)

8..locally administered address

9..log link state event

10.offload tcp segmentation

11.pci bus efficiency

12.qos packet tagging

13.receive descriptors

14.retransmit inter-frame spacing

15.transmit descriptors

16.wake on link settings

17.wake on settings

your input appreciated, as always


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fallowearth, i appreciate the response, and before i downloaded the update i read what i could, but my question is this; are any of these settings i have listed applicable to me, with my non-networking, comcast cable, winxppro, using cablenut, system?

i'm sure that after 14 days and 15 nights i might finally get through all of the literature, but i was hoping someone here has the same settings available, and that they know which ones are applicable to me, along with my cablenut settings?

or, are all of those settings only applicable to when you are networking?

thanxz again


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I would suggest that the default settings for the NIC are the best settings, none of them should require changing.  Whether you are networking or not, these settings apply to how the NIC processes the data, but the driver is designed so that it works properly without needing adjustment to these settings.

If you are looking to tweak, changing the registry keys are a better way to go.  This is where cablenut makes things easy for you, it changes the appropriate keys to the appropriate values.

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