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omg @ Fast food..


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So just for shits and giggles... me and the wife added up all our "fast food " purchases for the month of feb.  .  Did you know that just going out to eat at simple places like mcdonnalds and taco-bell... It came to over $275 in 1 month??

You people , like us who allways wondered why your broke... look @ your bank statement and add it up... we did... and now we know.. This is serious peeps... 300 bucks on fuckin fast food?  Well no more!


Think about it guys, on teh real tip.

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You should like this .s1 my last months fast food was about $8.00 I like Weinersnitzel Polish sandwiches ocasionall & I haven't found a Polish sausage that tastes the same as thiers'.For the most part I cook at home.I would rather have cold leftovers from home than most fast food.It has been 28 years since I ate in a McDonalds I got food poisoning twice from 2 different McDonalds.My brother got a bad case from Taco Bell.So its a lot healthier not to eat at the fast food places not to even get into the calories.

That probably explains why at 52 I only weigh 190 lbs have a 34 inch waist not much of a gut.I did let myself get to 205 once but the all meat Atkins' diet took care of that.

It took about 3 months to go from 205 to 180.

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