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PC Won't Go In BIOS, Help Please


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F1 is what my IBM uses to go into BIOS.Another way that works on my PC is Hold Ctrl when you power on your PC this gives a keyboard stuck error which activates the option to go into BIOS.On mine you have to enter the administrator password if you want full access to BIOS.

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Just ignore him, he obviously likes to promote google which is just fine. This forum is here to help people with problems,  |3v|lon3| you could've asked for his motherboard model, went to google and found out what key he needed to press to enter the bios, or advised him how to do it more politely instead of just saying google after every one of his posts...

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dlewis23 ;I read the posts & saw wyantm06 had used delete & was able to get into his BIOS.Sometimes others read or search the posts so a hint or two for another PC could help them.|3v|lon3| Does seem to want people to Google first personally I have used several search engines & still not found an answer to some questions.Most can search best on the serch engine they like best Google,Yahoo,MSN,0r even Ask Jeeves.I use a IE based program that has 11 search engines you can check but you can only use 4 at a time.Meaning it will search 4 simultanously & load 4 web pages.

It is Solway Search.

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go to google and search for ur bios maker and or motherboard maker.. jeez


Okay, I'm simply going to say this, don't gimme any shit.


If the guy hadn't thought to go to google already, why the hell would he have posted his question here? If google is the eternal answer then why is there a help forum on here at all??

damn people!  :angry5:

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haha everything is on google just gotta know how to use it..

maybe you might have to dig a lot to find it.. and some are to lazy to do that and just come here and ask..

you ask why is there a help forum here? and on other sites..

google indexes them

u search google therefor u find the answer u need

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Guest jeffwalker9999

you guys should really read all the posts before you post your reply, if you did that you would have noticed that the problem was fixed.

I almost did not see this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

and is a "f" key or esc or even delete - depends on bios manuf

to get in

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There are multiple way to get into Bios depending on Motherboard usually it tells you in the manual that came with it.

I really don't see the need for people to get their Roids in a up roar over this or people to be rude in their post. Like Thumpe's Mother (Bambi) said to him "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all." ;)

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