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How did you stumble over testmy??


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So tell us, how did you find the site, and why did you decide to sign up??

Me? Well my ex-hubby Aggr3 was Always talking about the site, and so one night, while I was messing with him on instant messenger, I decided to join, and the rest is history....

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I was obsessed with testing my speed and went friggin everywhere. I liked this place and stuck around and joined.

That and I'm infatuated with Shuggy!

You want the miniskirt don'tcha? LOL


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Friend from the cable company <Adelphia;Tech> :) ,  Signed-up to access my stats. You "old timers" have been very informative. I rely on this site for computer safety, speed tweaks, and general B.S. I.E. when someone gets nippy with another. I cant stop reading to find out whats gonna happen next! Great site , Thanks for all the help people!

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How did you [glow=red,2,300]stumble over testmy??[/glow]Madam , I'm British I never stumble, maybe stagger a little on a Saturday night,

Jeez I cant remember how I found Testmy.net,

but I am glad I did, I used it to ruffle the feathers of my ISP,

and finaly got the speed I was  paying for,

Regards Roco [glow=red,2,300]JN[/glow]. UK

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I was out in the Arizona desert looking up at the sunset when I tripped over CA3LE writting the script for the site.  :haha:

:cool: Yeah, I don't know why I was scripting the site while sitting on the desert floor... I still have dirt in my keyboard.  :evil6:

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Well,  i had just got dsl and i wanted to see if i was getting wat i payed so i googled internet speed test or something like that and i found this site and i had been testing here for weeks w/out an account or anything, then one day i noticed that i was getting alot higher than my advertised speeds and my host was listed as rr.com( i have verizon dsl).  So i thot i mite post that because i thot there was something wrong  with the test but as it turns out i was using my next door neighbors connection on wireless.( man i have learned a ton since then thx to u Guys)

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