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A guy just called and asked for my wife, I thought it was Dway tech at first(Indian),I said she was not here.

He wanted to know if I was a family member, yes, her husband.

He wanted to know if we had a bank account, yes.

He wanted to  know the account number to deposit it in, i flat answered by hanging up.

The idiot called back, why did you hang up, I told him could not ever have my account number, and hung up again, What kind of fruit loops are they growing these days? :biggun::violent5::violent1::flipa:

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Theres so many scams lately.. my grandmother works for the town hall by me. She takes like complaints in the town.. she says ppl call her daily about scams. Most turn out to be coming from canada... NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE. just saying ppl send the money to a canadian adress.. cuz it says they won the lottery and the tax collector needs a 2g deposit or something....then my grandmother checks the adresses and they are canceled within two days of the money being sent...

its so sad that these hard working people actually fall for these terrible attempts to make cash fast  :evil:  :twisted:

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