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i lost probably 8-12 WU's and my GPU is doing WU's wicked fast, it's completing a job every 1 1/2 hours

If i makes you feel any better , the PS3 says 8 WU completed, and [email protected] shows 1 lmao, not showing the two Iv'e finished on the mac.

I at least hope they were able to use the data in some way. Points are just to make us feel better in knowing we have contributed to the cause. Second.

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TriRan, what are those jobs worth being pumped out by your Radeon? Did you happen to see the resulting upload size? I'm just curious. Good Job for the team :)

[11:28:07] + Attempting to send results [December 14 11:28:07 UTC]

[11:28:07] - Reading file work/wuresults_03.dat from core

[11:28:07]   (Read 2508622 bytes from disk)

[11:28:07] Gpu type=3 species=21.

[11:28:07] Connecting to

[11:28:28] Posted data.

[11:28:28] Initial: 0000; - Uploaded at ~116 kB/s

[11:28:28] - Averaged speed for that direction ~102 kB/s

[11:28:28] + Results successfully sent

[11:28:28] Thank you for your contribution to [email protected]

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O, I remember now, I'm using flags of: " -forceasm -verbosity 9 -local".

Where "-verbosity 9" makes the console more "talkative".

All's Good, your client does say Project 5733 compressed to 250kb. The link says 511 points. For only 1.5 hours thats sweet.

I'm debating trying the FaH version 7. Some say its great, easy to install, and easy to understand. Others say the beta bugs are still being squashed.


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Well "a lot less" no, your 5870? is producing 8000 ppd compared to your Phenom which can return 1000-5000 ppd depending on early return bonus. I would say that your Phenom could produce 15-35% of your theoretical max output. So while smp is less then gpu its definitely more then none.

It appears that the points earned during December 11th server outage might be saved after all... I think it was Dec 12th that I wanted to show you a 1k point project with additional 4k early return bonus but that is when I saw Mud's post of "server down". Lets see how it pans out.


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Anyone wishing to place there folding stats in there sig, this is the basic code , you can do a little with it, or recode your own to call the database itself Vs eo.

http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/sigs/sigimage.php/un=YOUR USERNAME HERE/t=44352/sigimage.gif
As "un" is username and " t " is testmy.net team number "44352" Once you place your username in , this goes in as an image through the editor. It will call each load for stats, so it's always up to date. Alternatively , if you would like use a url wrapper to link back to the testmy.net [email protected] thread ( this thread lol ) , use the code below , just replace my details with yours and your golden.
<a class="bbc_url" href="https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/11831-testmynet-foldinghome-team" title="Testmy.net [email protected] Team # 44352"><img src="http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/sigs/sigimage.php/un=mudmanc4/t=44352/sigimage.gif"></a>

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Congrats to Lorne45 for completing his 10th smp workunit and now receiving early return bonuses.

Lols, nice mudmanc4, mmm wait did you test your code? Is it just me or does the use of arrow keys deselect the text box for you all too?


So I found and installed the FaH version 7 beta. Installation took under 2 minutes. So it opens up and I click configure then I notice my computer fans are speeding up. The thing automatically found my quad core and video card, downloaded the required cores, downloaded a workunit for each, and started running! Holy Pizza Batman!


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I don't get it and I'm not familiar with forum code. Where does that go? What is it wrapped in? Does it work out of signature? The forum doesn't allow straight html so whats required? My Sig is already full by the way :)

I only wrote that little bit for those that might want to show there stats in there sig. Not a big thing.

All that needs done is to paste it into your sig, and change the username , done.

I'll do a guide w/ screenshots in a bit , gotta take care of something.

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That new FAH client looks awesome! I think I'll give it another month or so before I switch to let them squish a few more bugs though.

Congrats to Lorne45 for completing his 10th smp workunit and now receiving early return bonuses.

Thanks Blako! I just installed a new vid card on this computer (buying it was mainly for folding lol) so that is going to give a nice boost in points. I am going to OC it today to get all I can from it. Nice crunching guys :thumbsup:

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Im having trouble getting V7 to continue after turning the computer back on. So far I think I lost 2 units, no joke cant find them, and turned in 1 as anonymous user. Any ways :rolleyes:


Theory 1: Gpu waiting on Cpu

  • The ATI GPU2 cores require cpu power to feed the video card, can you go to task manager and set "FAHcore_11.exe" > set affinity > "below normal priority" where core_a4 should already be at "idle" priority.
  • The core_11.exe uses a lot of cpu time (reports range 5%-20%) and your already in that range mmm.
  • Can you confirm with gpu-z that your running 3d clocks at 50% gpu load?

Theory 2: Old core

  • Your Radeon is working an old unit (core 11 for 3xxx series) instead of the new openCL (core 16) available by using flag of "client-type" "advanced"
  • How to add flags in version 7: http://foldingforum....hp?f=67&t=18187
  • "April 2011 Warning: the beta tag is there for a reason, the core is not finished and may crash more often than usual or otherwise degrade system performance."

Theory 3: Its working properly

  • Check the point value of the current gpu unit (is it big?). Is the 5870 in the area of 8000ppd?


You need a very stable overclock. For games one minor visual glitch per hour is ok. For folding you need no errors for a month. Make sure several projects are successful before overclocking some more.


Core 16

5870 Problems folding

Stanford Points FAQ

GPU2 client

Benchmark machine: ATI Radeon 3850 GPU. Details:

  • GPU: ATI 3850 GPU 512 MB, 320 Stream Processors
  • Host: Dell Inspiron 531, with a 2.16 GHz dual core AMD 64 X2 4000+.

PPD: 1500. Note that the GPU client still relies on a fast CPU, so the CPU is an important part of this. The Points Per Day (PPD) given here assumes that a CPU is heavily needed, with a larger PPD to compensate for the use of that CPU.

see the GPU2 FAQ for details.

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When version 7 launches on start-up it cant find previous work. If I use a shortcut to fahcontrol, its as if the program runs on a different user profile and it can find prior work given that the shortcut (fahcontrol) had a work unit before. For some reason it says time per frame: 2.9 seconds, point per day: half a million., instead of the actual TPF of 1 min 59 sec. Lorne! Nine jobs worth 12k points on Dec 17th? Brownie for you and that Fermi card me thinks your cooking. :afro:

Cool I got a work unit designed by a graduate student: 7809

Roughly speaking every time you double your cores, you triple your (smp) points.

So you guys can use arrow keys to move around the text box? For me it just moves the page.


Stanford uses cpus to great effect in problems where a series of instructions must follow each other in order. The gpus are used in problems that benefit from parallel independent instructions.

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Keyboard arrow keys ? Well I cannot help you there I'm using a Matias Tactile pro FK302 and Iv'e customized most of the key maps, but what should be the arrow keys allows the cursor to move within the text input field yes.

Sounds like you just explained the shortcut thats bound to another core installation , or am I off ?

On another note , finishing within 88% of time left on the HPDL380 left me with 89 points. All four cores running 100%. Not hardly worth it. So again , even if I run 12 threads on the machine it's still not really worth it to standard unless your running a high performance GPU or a very late model quad core CPU.

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