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Here's the FAP


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Yeah hydraulic brakes and then a BIG anchor for about 12 hours. I was ready to tear the dish down and dust off the old modem because 56kps would have been a vast improvement. I simply was gathering some bit torrents and apparently they ADD up to that 169meg limit awfully quick. Until that point I had never paid attention to FAP before because in the my 5 years of using Direcway it had never been an issue. Needles to say I am now looking for an alternative. In a very rural area like mine there aren't many choices yet. I'd LOVE cable but"no such animal" out here.

Direcway tech support went over the line from bad to just plain ridiculous when I told them I had dropped to 11kps down. The guy said "yeah but what is your case number" and proceeded to run me through the same tired tests they've tried to make me do over and over and over again until he mentioned FAP. Unfortunately until that point I never realized the cutoff point was 169meg. In this day and age of Gigabytes and Terrabytes where have these guys been? I really felt duped.

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So actually you could have posted that dial-up was 5 times faster than DirecWay. Lol

Sometimes ridiculousness is hilarious.

Off topic a little. But back when I was a roofing contractor, I saw one of my guys working on a steep area without any safety equipment or boards. I stopped him and told him to at least wait until one of  the guys brought him a ladder to stand on(it was a small section and he did not figure he would take that long). So here comes one of my guys with a tall ladder,(he was 2 stories off of the ground). Well the guy with the ladder sticks the ladder up his pants leg(accidently of course) tall ladders are a little difficult to control if you are a small person). In so doing he now proceeds to hoist this other guy off of the roof, and this guy is up in the air stuck with his pants leg hooked onto the ladder. He is flying through the air with arms flying about trying to grab something that is not there, and lands in some wet gravel that someone had dumped to spread out for the driveway base later on.

So all nervous, and thinking that I am going to have to rush him to the hospital with broken limbs, I rush off the roof and down the ladder to where he had landed. Only to find 3 guys standing and him on the ground laughing there butts off. Well that was a Kodak moment to see the look on my face I am sure.

Sometimes ridiculousness is hilarious.

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