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Does your performance suck?

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If your performance sucks and you cannot get a good sync, type in in the address bar. After doing so, you will be able to see the status in your cable modem. From here you may need to log into your modem. It will probly tell you what the default login is if you have an Ambit(grey flat box) modem. Click on the link to view the downstream information. Look at the Downstream SNR. What I usually have is about 36dB for mine, which according to Charter is excellant. Before adding a 3-way splitter to the line to get a better feed to the High-Definition box, I had a SNR of 42dB. We had a 2-way splitter with one line for the internet and the other going to an 8-way splitter for the rest of the house, so when connecting my modem to one of the lines coming from the 8-way, I my SNR went down hill. I could sync, but would come and go because it was so low.

After a call to Charter, they had a tech come over and he checked the original line for the internet and moved it to my bed room. He also told us about the possible problem with the HD box being connected to the 8-way. He gave us a 3-way splitter in case we had a problem so that we could just replace the 2-way.

He also told me about what Charter has been doing with the internet. He said that the downstream modulation at the servers were upgraded to have a QAM512 and that they were currently upgrading them QAM1024. Well, if I remember correctly, QAM512 allowed Charter to have the 5Mbps service. He said that the QAM1024 modulation would allow 10Mbps. This was the end of summer, begining of fall of last year when I was told this.

I live down the road from the hub for the Illinois side of the Charter-STL area(St. Louis metro). I could get a better than avertised speed if not for the modem I have and the cap that Charter has set, but I am not complaining since the speed is very close to the cap. :mrgreen:

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