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Windows XP boots on a Macbook Pro!


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Guest thecableguy

ha ha ha

thats funny as heck...

by the way... get those dirty stinking boots off the mac!!!

peace out!


::macs rule::

Boots should been caked in horse goo to make that just soooo perrfect!!!  :)

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Guest thecableguy

Hello....thank you for calling XYZ company, how can I help you today?

Ic....and what type of computer do you have?

Apple Mac.....ohhhhh...okay and is it under Apple Care?

No??  Wow....thats too bad....I'm afraid you will need to contact your local

dealer for support......Sorry.....

***This scenerio is played out thousands of times daily at a support company

near you!!!  Enough said.........

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