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DDoS Cripples Hospital


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source of article: http://www.irc-junkie.org

More news concerning DDoS'ers I'm afraid. Christopher Maxwell, of Vacaville California USA, 20 year-old, has been charged that he launched an DDoS attack in which he crippled a hospital. In the hospital the attack caused for the doctor's pagers not functioning anymore as well as shutting down computers of intensive care units.

Maxwell will see his first court appearance on the 23th of this month.

The botnet is thought to have consisted of 13,000 to 50,000 infected machines which were controlled over IRC.

Although the attack heavily crippled the hospital (Northwest Hospital and Medical Center in north Seattle) nurses quickly switched to using charts and were able to prevent any human harm.

Maxwell and two unidentified juvenile companions used a botnet to display unwanted advertisements on infected computers, which earned them an estimated $100,000.

For his crime, Maxwell can face up to 10 years in jail, $250,000 fine and returning damages. Northwest Hospital published that its costs to repair the network were $150,000.

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Sad part is this 13 or even 50 thousand is small compared to whats out there. There are botnets out there upwards of 400 thousand to 600 thousand or more in size. I know people who have large botnets having one isn't the moral issue here it's what this heartless kid did with his, but yeah they could have also been more clear on the amount than they were.  :angry5:

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Since we are talking about DDoS, and i don't want to start another thread about DDoS i'll just post this here.

Does anyone remember this it was considered the greatest DDoS attack of all time, and almost brought the entire internet to it's knees. Had it went on for longer experts believe it would have.


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i dont think DDoS'ing is wrong, its useful to get rid of hackers on ur cs server lol .... but to a hospital now thats just sick.. why do that theres nothing to possibly gain from it and it could have seriously hurt people, now that nubs gonna spend the rest of his teen life behind bars and lost all his money he made off hits bots

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