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Ages Please... Cough it up!

What age range to you fall into.  

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  1. 1. What age range to you fall into.

    • < 15
    • 16 - 18
    • 19 - 25
    • 26 - 29
    • 30 - 39
    • 40 - 49
    • 50 >
    • 100 >

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:rolleyes: I think I'm the  old man I am 55 will be 56 on 07/03/05 ......now if I could only remember what it is Im suppose to be doin now.....LOL....Ah and I have been retired since Dec of 2001............at least I didnt die before I got to enjoy being retired  :haha:

:huh: Microwave

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49 and the big 50 in August 2005 :):rolleyes: I will always be twenty four in my mind. That's cause I had three years over twenty one and learned a POOP load of stuff in that time. I just don't feel the age. Sitting on the puter is a daily way of life for me and just good to know it's not all teenagers wanting something to do. HI TO ALL OVER 30! :lol::cool::):D

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I'm 17 will be 18 2/18/05

My mom runs a nursing home.

I take it by "runs" you mean DON or Admin. Anyway thats cool, tell her you know a good nurse who will come to work for her for ALOT of money, hook me up ill give you a finders fee. :haha:

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